Google Authentication in App and Extensions

Hola, You’ll be glad to know that the winter hasn’t completely halted my progress. Granted, I took two weeks off and barely worked the other two but, I have not written over the last month because of a technical challenge rather than procrastination. Cocoapods in Extensions I’m sure every developer who’s built something for the… Continue reading Google Authentication in App and Extensions

A Slow Winter

The days have gotten cold, the nights colder and with them, the pace of progress on my app has gone glacial. I wanted to achieve two goals in the last two weeks, 1. To design v1 of my app and 2. To whip up a widget showing the number of users visiting this website. I… Continue reading A Slow Winter

APIs, APIs, and more APIs

As planned in the last post, The time I could allocate in these last 2 weeks has been spent on research. I started off with the WidgetKit API, This led to setting up of the project and conducting other pre-development maintenance. It’s stuff I love to do, even though I always end up redoing it 🤷‍♂️.… Continue reading APIs, APIs, and more APIs

The Light Bulb

I love widgets on iOS 14. I love the idea of glancing at data without having to go into an app and give it your full attention. I wish more apps would do it but, even if they did, The action of downloading an app to get access to a widget is cumbersome. So, The… Continue reading The Light Bulb

Sorting Hat through Vulnerability

Okay so, This is gonna be short and quick, mostly because the chapter is short and not filled with references to Vulnerability. There are a couple of them but, before I get there, I’d like to define Vulnerability. Vulnerability is being naked, It’s exposing yourself to the elements of nature and saying, The ball’s in… Continue reading Sorting Hat through Vulnerability