The Light Bulb

I love widgets on iOS 14. I love the idea of glancing at data without having to go into an app and give it your full attention. I wish more apps would do it but, even if they did, The action of downloading an app to get access to a widget is cumbersome. So, The idea is to use available public APIs to create a primarily widget-based app. Users will be able to set up custom widgets of their choice from a variety of services without downloading the corresponding app.

I’m going to start with Google Analytics. I’m still not sure how the API works but, It looks like a good start point as the Google Analytics website is not very intuitive. I believe most users will want to track their most important metrics at a glance without having to navigate the charts and graphs world.

I’ll set up the project and will start learning how the WidgetKit and Google Analytics API works, Onto research.

Oh, I’ve also dubbed it Widgeotto! (yes, like the Pokemon).

The starting of Widgeotto Github Repository.

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