Sonata Software – I

As with Avanti Feeds, I picked Sonata Software from the screen of low debt, high growth companies with low P/E ratio. Numbers and Narratives Sonata Software is a small software services company trying to reinvent itself through new age technologies and digitisation. I think it will have a new lease of growth due to the reinvention and… Continue reading Sonata Software – I

Happiest Minds – I

I chose to value Happiest Minds as the company’s meteoric rise since its IPO intrigued me. It was one of the most successful IPO’s of the last year and the stock had stabilised after growing over 30% in one week in February. Numbers and Narratives Happiest Minds Technologies is a newcomer in the massive IT… Continue reading Happiest Minds – I

Sun TV – I

As with Avanti Feeds, I picked Sun TV from the screen of low debt, high growth companies with low P/E ratio. I also picked it in-part due to my affinity towards Sunrisers Hyderabad who they own. Numbers and Narratives Sun TV is a mature company in a growing industry. I expect it to coninue its… Continue reading Sun TV – I

Avanti Feeds – I

I chose to value Avanti Feeds based on my screen for high growth companies with low P/E ratio and low debt. Numbers and Narratives Avanti Feeds is an industry leader in the shrimp feed business from which it garners its primary income. It is a high growth – low margin company with consistent longterm investment.… Continue reading Avanti Feeds – I

Value Investing

Valuation is simple, we choose to make it complicated Aswath Damodaran Those are the sage words I hope to practice in this project of mine. I want to keep my valuations simple and act on them if I find a company undervalued. I’m going to wait(and hope) for the market to correct its mistake and… Continue reading Value Investing

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