RITES Limited – IV

I last valued RITES in August of last year and found it vastly undervalued. I held the stock and it has since been a frustrating 6 months. The stock looks to be stuck in a limbo moving nowhere irrespective of the good results. I valued the stock again after they released their Q3 numbers. Here’s… Continue reading RITES Limited – IV

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RITES Limited – III

I first valued RITES in May and found it vastly undervalued. I bought the stock then and held it after I revalued it in June. The last two months have been frustrating with the stock going nowhere. The company released their Q1 numbers last week and I took another look at the valuation. I decided… Continue reading RITES Limited – III

RITES Limited – II

I valued RITES last month and found it grossly undervalued. It had been a stellar month since then, the stock growing by 15%. They released their Q4 results today and it looks like they have recovered from the COVID shock. I took another look at the valuation with the updated numbers, keeping the story the… Continue reading RITES Limited – II

RITES Limited – I

As with¬†Avanti Feeds and Rajesh Exports I picked RITES Limited from the screen of low debt, high growth companies with low P/E ratio. Numbers and Narratives RITES Limited¬†is an engineering consultancy company specialising in transport infrastructure. It earns its revenues primarily through consulting and turnkey projects. A majority of its customers are government and public… Continue reading RITES Limited – I