Google Authentication in App and Extensions

Hola, You’ll be glad to know that the winter hasn’t completely halted my progress. Granted, I took two weeks off and barely worked the other two but, I have not written over the last month because of a technical challenge rather than procrastination. Cocoapods in Extensions I’m sure every developer who’s built something for the… Continue reading Google Authentication in App and Extensions

A Slow Winter

The days have gotten cold, the nights colder and with them, the pace of progress on my app has gone glacial. I wanted to achieve two goals in the last two weeks, 1. To design v1 of my app and 2. To whip up a widget showing the number of users visiting this website. I… Continue reading A Slow Winter

APIs, APIs, and more APIs

As planned in the last post, The time I could allocate in these last 2 weeks has been spent on research. I started off with the WidgetKit API, This led to setting up of the project and conducting other pre-development maintenance. It’s stuff I love to do, even though I always end up redoing it 🤷‍♂️.… Continue reading APIs, APIs, and more APIs

The Light Bulb

I love widgets on iOS 14. I love the idea of glancing at data without having to go into an app and give it your full attention. I wish more apps would do it but, even if they did, The action of downloading an app to get access to a widget is cumbersome. So, The… Continue reading The Light Bulb