Sorting Hat through Vulnerability

Okay so, This is gonna be short and quick, mostly because the chapter is short and not filled with references to Vulnerability. There are a couple of them but, before I get there, I’d like to define Vulnerability.

Vulnerability is being naked, It’s exposing yourself to the elements of nature and saying, The ball’s in your court. There is a sense of adventure to it all, The heaviness of fear replaced by the lightness of hope.

I once read a very long time ago that to make a friend, Ask for, rather than offer to help. The premise was that people liked to be empowered but, The book failed to mention that by showing your weakness, You are throwing away the mask covering up your scars, You are asking others to think of theirs. It brings me to what Neville talked about at the Gryffindor table in the great hall, A self-deprecating story about his childhood embarrassments, Maybe it was only for a laugh but, maybe It made Ron feel not that bad about his difficulties with expectations, Maybe it made Harry feel normal with his experiences of unintended magic and, maybe, just maybe, It made them realize that among the headless ghosts underneath the bewitched ceilings of this magical place, They were human after all.

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