The Potions Master through Promises

Me: Salut!

Sane Me: Bonjour

Me: Why do I need to write this again?

Sane Me: Because you promised

Me: Who?

Sane Me: Yourself

Me: Why?

Sane Me: Because you wanted to get good at writing.

Me: That doesn’t sound like me.

Sane Me: Remember the day you spent dreaming about writing YA novels and being a teenage heartthrob?

Me: Oh, yeah………. Wait, how do you know about that?

Sane Me: I was there *you moron*. So, would you?

Me: I’m young, there’s plenty of time to get better at writing

Sane Me: You’re getting old

Me: No, I’m not!

Sane Me: I see a grey hair on the right side

Me: Where?

Sane Me: Above your ear

Me: That’s just the light, You dickhead!

Sane Me: Okay, you got me there. But still, don’t you want to move on to the next chapter?

Me: Yes but, what’s the hurry?! The books aren’t going anywhere.

Sane Me: That girl wasn’t going anywhere too, didn’t stop you from asking her!

Me: Oh, don’t you go there!

Sane Me: Yeah – Yeah okay, not below the belt.

Me: I think, I might solve the lizard problem now.

Sane Me: Shut up and sit down!

Me: Oooh, Look who’s all bossy.

Sane Me: *breathe* I wasn’t trying to be you know but, It’ll be good for you.

Me: Why?

Sane Me: Because Your writing sucks, you nut job!

Me: Hey – Hey – Hey, don’t need to use unparliamentary language.

Sane Me: *breathe* But, you get me right?

Me: Yeah but, Why now?

Sane Me: Because, at the current rate, You’ll be 40 by the time you finish the podcast series.

Me: Yay, that’ll be some journey, wouldn’t it? I can be like Ted in “How I Met Your Mother”, telling my kids the awesome story.

Sane Me: No no, no no no no no, NO. It’ll be really creepy to write young adult novels in your 40’s.

Me: Hmmm, You’re right. I’ll probably lose my boyish looks by then.

Sane Me: *rolls eyes* Yes, probably. So, would you?

Me: Can I do it tomorrow?

Sane Me: But, you promised kid

Me: I know but, I can see the rum at the corner of my eye!

Sane Me: You promised kid

Me: Pancakes?!

Sane Me: Promises!

Me: Alright, Alright, Alright already!

So, that’s how I ended up here. A Promise.

I’ve been thinking about how symbols act as promises and how Harry Potter’s scar is one that signifies victory against evil. I remembered the semicolon tattoo, The idea originates from the natural usage of a semicolon, which is used when an author could’ve chosen to end their sentence but chose not to. The tattoo signifies a promise of a battle against depression and mental illness, The author is you and the sentence is your life. It made an impression on me, I loved the idea that the inherent qualities of a tattoo can be used for such a positive fight. Tattoos are your eternal companions and although they are only materialistic representations of emotion, They can act as reinforcers of the emotion when you lose control over your thoughts and I really hope having one with you at the darkest of times will make the biggest of differences;

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  1. This post is close to heart
    I read another representation of a silent fight against depression and mental illness. I Love it;

    *It’ll be really creepy to write young adult novels in your 40’s.* hahaha no it won’t be.

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